Frank Jacobs lab                                                                                                               

University of Amsterdam                                                                                                                   

The whole Jacobs Lab gang in 2017: From left to right: Frank Jacobs (PI), Elise van Bree (PhD student), Paula Schmidt, (MSc student), Lotte Russo, (MSc student), Gerrald Lodewijk (PhD student), Hedwig Dolstra (MSc student), Whitney Jordaan (MSc student),  Elias Brandorff (PhD student), Anne-Fleur Schneider (BSc student), Nina Haring  (PhD student), Stijn Robben  (BSc student), Judith Roels (MSc student), Josse Poppinga (BSc student)

Seeking shelter for the rain during our Canoeing / BBQ trip (July 2017), just moments before some russians claimed back their gypsy wagon.

SILS Volleyball tournament 2017; We fought like spidermonkeys, came real close, until they kicked sand in our eyes... so unfair!

The Jacobs Lab 2016: From left to right: Miranda van Wonterghem (Postdoc), Nina Haring (PhD student), Gerrald Lodewijk (PhD student), Frank Jacobs (PI) 

 The whole bunch in 2016: From left to right: Frank Jacobs (PI), Nina Haring (PhD student), Cristina Delgado Sallent  BSc student), Gerrald Lodewijk (PhD student), Miranda van Wonterghem (Postdoc), Marnus Witte (MSc student), Elise van Bree  (MSc student), Diana Perreira Fernandes  (MSc student)

Our Volleyball team 'The Monkey Chasers' doing what we do best at the FNWI Volleyball Tournament...

Jacobs Lab annual retreat: Terschelling 2016 (introducing Morris and Boris Jacobs)


The Jacobs Lab 2015 featuring Junior Intern Rafael Hoekman :)

Illegal Jacobs Lab beach-retreat May 2015 (for which Frank Jacobs was not invited...)

The early days.. 2014